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Martial arts is a unique discipline that brings together mental and physical fitness with self-mastery. At our studio, our innovative instructor will guide you through the self defense training process and help you to achieve the uppermost levels in your choice of martial arts. Us Bujutsu Kai provides group and individual lessons which are suitable for first-time beginners or experts alike. Find us in King county, where we focus on setting a foundation of basic techniques such as correct hand and foot movements, joint locking (Kansetsu) and safe throwing (Nagewaza) and Ukemi falling techniques, which can be built upon every session. To find out more and to book your first martial arts lesson, e mail proasap@yahoo.com. I have recently passed a background check through USA Judo, United States Jiujitsu Federation, Pan American Jiujitsu Federation, United States Marial Arts Federation, etc. Sensei Holloway is the Shodai of U.S. Bujutsu Kai and teaches Kito Ryu Judo, Goshin Jutsu and Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate.

Self Defense instruction

Our instructor started training in 1983 perfecting techniques, enabling them to offer an optimal level of teaching to all students. Marty has progressed through the years being trained by Tom Mitsushumi in Hapkido in April 1984. Van Bihn TKD in 1985. Karl Geis Kihara Kodakan Judo and Shodokan Tomiki Aikido Aikijujutsu in Houston, TX. March of 1991, closely related to Daito Ryu and or Danzan Ryu using both Judo Kito Ryu and Aikijujutsu.

Learn Goshin Jutsu

I offer Goshin Jutsu instruction to teenagers (14) + and adults of all ages. We welcome students of all abilities – if it’s your first time at class, simply let the instructor know and they will ensure that you are given a full safety run-down. Our classes are limited to very small groups, so that our instructors are able to give individuals the attention they deserve. Martial arts is used in self-defence, and there is minimal harmful contact in all of our classes.


Nidan Yudansha September 1st. 1996. M.L. Holloway Nidan certification is 96090119962

Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate

Kosho Ryu Kenpo Karate is about using the octogon with aiki, transmutation folding, parrying, checking, rapid striking and kicking sequences using triangle for atemi waza and Nagewaza.


Sentojutsu is a system of combatives created by Shodai Martin Holloway in 1997. Sentojutsu means combat techniques. Martial Art maneuvers for dislocating, fracturing, breaking, cracking, shattering, paralyzing, constricting, resuscitation, TKO, incapacitate, etc.


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